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items of the week – Feb. 26

This week’s list focuses on my current passion in music and dance.

1. UCI…Chris Brown’s Wall to Wall…Lil Mama’s G Slide…what do these things have in common? It’s Kaba Modern, my favorite dance group on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

2. Chris Cole is someone I recently came across online. He sings really well acapella, check out his MySpace page.

3. Danity Kane – I know they’re a bit last season; however, they have a new album coming out on March 18, titled “Welcome to the Dollhouse”. Their new single, “Damaged,” sounds like the album is gonna be a good one.

4. I always wanted to dance for this group…funkanometry…they started off in San Francisco and now have a crew in San Diego as well.

5. David Archuleta and Ramiele Malubay (who remains a favorite this week as well) on American Idol. Can’t wait to see Ramiele perform tonight.


2 Responses

  1. […] 3. American Idol. I took a few years hiatus from this show and now I’m back. The last few years I was still living at home and no one in my family cares for the show. This year, I’m back and there are singers that I actually like…see number 5. […]

  2. […] my previous “items of the week” have actually turned into regular postings for me (i.e. February 26, March […]

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