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asians be reppin’ it

The stereotype goes that asians are usually good at math and science, study all the time, make a lot of money, we all know martial arts, we cook delicious cuisine, etc. Let it all be seen and heard that asians can do much more than that. We’re breaking stereotypes and proving that we’re more than just dim sum and fortune cookies.

Lately, it’s great to see so many asians on television and getting the nation hyped up about what they do. We can surely entertain as dancers and singers. Take Ramiele Malubay…she’s Filipino and one of the best singers in American Idol this season.

I’ve mentioned Kaba Modern before, but don’t over look Jabbawockeez…both groups got enough Asians (from Vietnamese to Korean to Chinese to Filipino) to show that we can move to the groove.

The list goes on. With the Beijing Summer Olympics, we’re sure to see a lot more talented Asians from around the world. I’m not one to be full of “asian pride”, but I’m actually proud to be Chinese right now.  If you’re ever bored, take All Look Same? exam…it’s pretty trippy and really tests how much you know your Asians.  My best score was 14.  The food exam is pretty good too.


3 Responses

  1. I’m not an “Asian pride” kind of person myself, but I agree that it is nice to see diversity beyond the evening news anchors on TV. I’m still waiting for the Asian guy/girl in Big Brother 9 to enter the house and flip the script on the show. LOL!

  2. At least, Asians have entered some reality shows. The sad part is that they don’t show too much emotions…so not enough drama from them. Gotta love the dramas!

  3. That’s so true, I believe that asians can bust a move and take our breathes away. But, not the way the Jabbawockeez do it, they are so amazing and that they deserve to win.

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