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the infamous tiki drink

The Hawaii episode is all about Bourdain debunking the myths he has about Hawaii. One of the myths that Bourdain explores is that Hawaii is all about the tiki drinks…colorful, sweet, and fu fu alcoholic drinks. Honestly, it’s hard to find someone holding one unless you’re at a beach resort in Hawaii. He stops off at Halekulani’s House with a Key first. Wing is the well-known bartender there…recommended by master mixologist Dale DeGroff himself. Wing goes all the way back to Don the Beachcomber days and has been bartending for over 20 years. In the episode, you can tell that he knows his stuff. Damn that Mai Tai and Tropical Itch looks good!

HalekulaniHalekulani - House without a Key

Halekulani is where Bourdain first meets Lloyd Kandell, owner of Don Tiki, who will go drink for drink with Tony throughout the day. The weather was superb and since it was around Christmas time, I recalled that a helicopter flew by with Santa sitting on the side. I figured it was a Christmas stunt for the folks lounging on Waikiki Beach. We were glad that the helicopter left…if not, that would’ve been heard to shoot around.

Next stop, La Mariana Sailing Club located by the beautiful Sand Island Access Road. I’m being sarcastic. It’s a bit of a dive bar…but guests can truly experience the whole tiki-ness of Hawaii there. I’m in the background somewhere sitting with my back facing the camera (wearing blue plaid). The producers asked me to sit in so the place looked more “full”. Apparently they ask a lot of their people in the crew to sit in at times.

La Mariana Sailing ClubLa Mariana Sailing Club

You’ll see most of the production crew in the last scene at Paradise Cove Luau. Fun times!


4 Responses

  1. I see you in the background!

  2. haha dork.

  3. I didn’t catch you in the La Mariana scene the first time around, so I rewound it and looked again. Who was that sitting with you?

  4. That was Emily, the segment producer. She’s super nice. I had dinner with her in New York too at Lupa’s. Highly recommended for italian cuisine (co-owned by mario batali).

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