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time to tango

Check out Tango over by Ward Centre. Located next to P.F. Chang’s, it’s a fairly new bistro-like restaurant by chef Goran Streng. My friends and I went for dinner and thought the dinner menu was okay. Honestly, you should go there for lunch…I went with some co-workers and it was definitely worth it. In any case, here are some photos of what we ordered at dinner.

  • Seared scallops spinach salad with balsamic vinagrette mushrooms and grape tomatoes…needless to say, this dish was the best of the evening. I forgot to take a photo…only one of the plate after we all ate it.
  • Sweet caramelized onion soup….great flavor…not too salty like other french onion soups…a bit oily though…took away from refreshing flavor.
  • Boulabaisse with mussels, prawns, fresh island fish saffron broth aioli and croutons…not as hearty as we would’ve liked it.
  • Hamakua mushroom risotto with garlic shrimp (tail on) and asparagus…can’t taste the mushrooms but the shrimp was tasty.
  • Sauteed moi with tomato fennel coulis on ratatouille of veggie…the ratatouille was a bit sour in taste but the moi was good. Actually, moi is always good.

If you get a chance to go, let me know how it is.


2 Responses

  1. You should post a link to the restaurant website! Also, the scallops sound really good.

  2. You’re slacking on your posting again! 😉

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