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abdc season two

This season is off the shizzy!  I’m loving the crews so far.

Distorted X and Fanny Pack shouldn’t have been in the bottom two; however, I could see why Fanny Pack made it to the bottom two.

Last week’s live audition, the audience really wanted Team Millenia to go through.  Didn’t seem that too many people were too thrilled for Fanny Pack.  I dig FP’s style though…it’s different and fun.  They get my votes for now…hopefully they can keep going.

My favorite crews tonight are as follows:

  1. Fanny Pack – loving their style…gotta root for the Hawaii girl…go Cara!
  2. Super Cr3w – these b-boys are a force to be reckon’d with…they sure love to fall…that first move was hot
  3. Phresh Select – points for dancing to boyz II men…that last move was sick!
  4. SoReal Cru – Houston peeps can dance…I guess so cuz they were hot
  5. Boogie Bots – their moves are good…i like them
  6. A.S.I.I.D -I like their sexiness and moves…reminds me of last season’s Living Color crew though
  7. Supreme Soul – this group was my fave during the auditions…not tonight though…they were a bit off
  8. Distorted X – too bad they got booted…but they weren’t that memorable
  9. Xtreme Dance Force – too metrosexual to dance..sorry not my fave…I’ll give them points for being clean
  10. SassX7 – they are weak and didn’t do Danity Kane any justice…my guess is they’ll be in the bottom two next week

I’m torn between some of them and couldn’t really decide who should be #4-7.  Anyways, looking forward to next week’s episode.

P.S. Anyone know of a good hip hop class in Honolulu?  I’ve been wanting to try it out.  Ha!


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