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oklahoma city part 1

Work sent me to Oklahoma City last week for a couple days while I went to hang out with a bunch of travel writers.  Last year I had gone to Little Rock, Arkansas, saw the Clinton Presidential Library, and had a decent time staying at the Peabody Hotel (yah…ducks!) .

When I heard that Oklahoma City was the host city this year, I was a bit hesitant about how the conference will go since it’s another city in the middle of America.

Well to my surprise, Oklahoma City is a vibrant city that really caters to young professionals.  There are a ton of activities and attractions to keep you busy from the Chesapeake Boat House to Bricktown to Pole Position Raceway.

Below is a video of what Pole Position Raceway is all about…they really need to open one in Hawaii.  It was such a rush going fast on an electric vehicle.  The footage was filmed on my Flip Ultra camera (you can plug it directly into your computer and TV…the quality is awesome).  My hands were a bit shaky so I’ll need to work on my filming techniques.


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