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whoo hoo…i’m a winner

So I’ve been an avid Google Reader user to follow all the blogs that I check out every day.  It is highly recommended to try this Google tool since you’ll be able to see all the blog updates and new posts all in one window.  It makes everything so much more efficient.

Back to the point of this post, I was on my Google Reader and was surprised to see a new post by TravelingMamas.com that announced that I was randomly selected to receive one of their prizes for July.  How awesome is that?  These four travel writers/bloggers had visited Hawaii recently and I had assisted with their itinerary on behalf of HVCB.  I’ve been following their blog ever since and commented now and then.  I didn’t remember them announcing their “Boycott the Staycation” giveaways.  Anyways, I get a Gloria Gaynor CD…not my favorite so it’ll be a present for one of my friends.

Button 2

If you’re interested in winning, check out TravelingMamas.com and leave a comment or check out one of the other ways to be selected.


3 Responses

  1. So Mike, what you gonna do with the CD?

  2. You better not give the CD to someone who reads your blog, or they’ll know you re-gifted it!

  3. You all will find out once I get it in the mail. Haha.

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