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abdc season 2 – week 4

This week’s theme was speed up.  Speed up was definitely what the bottom three crews needed to do…speed up the rankings so they can remain in the top three.  As you saw, Supreme Soul, Fanny Pack, and Phresh Select were in bottom three…meaning Boogie Bots, Super Cr3w, SoReal Cru, and A.S.I.I.D. in top four.

By the way, what’s up with the sob stories?  I feel like I’m getting emotionally attached to some of these groups.  Interesting approach to connect with the viewers from the producers…not my favorite approach, but it works and I’m sure people will want vote to keep some of these crews in.

So here’s my rundown for this week’s episode and my ranking for each crew:

  1. Fanny Pack – I love their play on Mariah’s song.  Awesome performance and that transition was off the hook.  This was the most memorable routine to date.
  2. A.S.I.I.D. – Cool ballet moves…that’s hot.  It kinda reminded me of the movie “Center Stage”.  That’s the first time someone done ballet on ABDC. I actually appreciate that this crew is in this season.
  3. SoReal Cru – I like their slow and the fast sequences.
  4. Boogie Bots – I like their looks…had some missteps here and there.  Digging the stepped up tempo moves…nice hand intricacies.  They really played with the beats in the music.
  5. Super Cr3w – I like that sequence throught all the statues.  Pretty cool movements…a bit original.  Why did they choose leg movements for the fast tempo section?  It makes them look slow.  Guess Shane Sparks is rooting for them?
  6. Supreme Soul – They were okay but a bit cocky for my taste.  A thumbs up for that “down the line” sequence.  So what did those skulls signify at the end?  The end of Jabbawockeez?  Someone tell me the story behind Supreme Soul and Jabbawockeez.
  7. Phresh Select – Their routine didn’t persuade me that they were worth staying in the competition.  Plus I don’t like that fact that they only met up for this show…never really danced with each other before.  Sad to see them go though.

Who are your top three crews to date?

*UPDATE (07/12/08) – Found this blog post on LATimes.com.  Can’t wait to see next week’s episode and I hope Fanny Pack takes us back to Janet Jackson’s 80s era.


8 Responses

  1. nice review, though last season one of the girls did do some ballet moves…can’t remember who though.

    to make a long story short, some members of jabbawockeez battled some members of supreme soul, who weren’t even called supreme soul…it was NOT the members of each crew against each other. shane put those guys on the spot and the cocky-ass tall white dude opened his big mouth…that’s why the little guy didn’t want to say anything at first. neither crew really “won” the battle, and it wasn’t even the jabbas vs. SS. because it was like 4 diff. crews together, (including ronnie from supercr3w i think)

    here are the youtube links to both parts:

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=c5nKfm1f9z4 (this part, at 1:35 into it, Kevin of Jabbawockeez goes OFF)

    I’ll probably do a full post on it this weekend and post the videos…i truly think this is why supreme soul is not doing well in the voting. but also, they, as a crew, cannot hold a candle to Jabbas as a crew…no way.

  2. weird…did you get my comment?

  3. damn…you didn’t, i think it’s because i had 2 links in it, it might have said it was spam…check my blog this sunday night for a full explanation of the SS vs. Jabbawockeez, including Video…

    it’s actually a very interesting story.

    oh, and last season one of the girls did do some ballet moves…i just can’t remember who…

  4. well, screw it, i had some time…check my blog now and there is a whole post with videos and all.



  5. man, you are so right….it was tap dancing. as for the skulls, hell if i know…haha

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