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items of the week – july 13

My “items of the week” postings have been on hiatus for a while now.  I figured it’s a good time to bring it back.  Most of my previous “items of the week” have actually turned into regular postings for me (i.e. February 26, March 3)

  • Since the new season of No Reservations premiered last week, I figured I add this show back to my list.  The time spent with the producers in Hawaii have really provided me a better perspective on the show.  By the way, check out this Island Magazine article and read about Bourdain’s real thoughts on Hawaii.
  • Here are a couple YouTube celebrities that I came across while reading the Bakit Why blog.  Thought I’d share and see if you like them too.

Sharyn Maceren


  • Some of my favorite reality shows starts their new season this week.  Big Brother 10 starts tonight. Check out this season’s cast and I have already picked out my top six contestants.  Project Runway 5 premieres this Wednesday (countdown along with Bravo TV) and I can’t wait to see what kind of characters turn up this season.

Are there any other YouTube folks that I should subscribe to?  Who do you predict to win BB10 and PR5?


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for linking to the Islands article. Spam musubi is awesome, so I’m glad that Bourdain appreciated it. 😉

    Have you seen the Singapore episode of No Reservations?

  2. He kept calling it spam sushi the entire time he was in Hawaii. I wanted to correct him, but didn’t have the balls to.

    I think I saw the Singapore episode. I still love the Korea and Hong Kong episode. I need to go back to my homeland one day.

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