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tv. tv. tv.

July is turning into a heavy TV month for me.  There’s so much to watch every week…well from Monday-Thursday at least.  I usually go out Friday through Sunday, so I hardly get to watch primetime TV on the weekends.

Monday: The Mole and No Reservations

  • Wow, No Reservation’s Columbia episode looks hella good.  I need to vacation in South America one day.  I’m excited about the new season of Bourdain so far.  I can’t wait for the Tokyo episode…let’s see where he goes this time around.  Here’s a clip of the Columbia episode (thanks to Travel Channel):

After watching this episode, I’m bummed that Tudo de Bom closed in June.  I always wanted to try that place.  Who could pass up on all-you-can-eat meat buffet?  Where else can you find South American food in Hawaii?

Tuesday: Big Brother

  • My roommate and I started a new game for Big Brother 10 where we collect points based on the team we selected.  It’s kinda like Fantasy Big Brother.  Update as of July 14, I’m in the lead with two points…Jerry was selected as head of household.  Glad I picked him for my team so far.

Wednesday: Project Runway

  • Okay…Project Runway 5 is in two days.  I’m surprised that there hasn’t been too many advertisement for the new season.  Could it be because PR is going to Lifetime next season?  Very suspicious, but I guess Bravo knows what it’s doing.

Thursday: ABDC and Big Brother

  • I’m actually going to miss the initial airing of ABDC this week.  Guess I’ll need to tune it when it reruns.

Can’t wait for TOP CHEF 5 to start in Brooklyn!  Hopefully I’ll be there when it starts filming :o)


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