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twitter mania

I feel like I’ve been surrounded by Twitter folks in the past few days.  So many of my colleagues are joining the Twitter family and I’m getting excited.  It’s almost like a disease…it keeps spreading to reach out to more and more PR folks in Hawaii.

When you have time, follow me and some of these local PR folks that are already on my list:

For our favorite journalists in Hawaii (yes, you Jason G.), here are the ones that I’m following.  Notice any similarities with them?  Some publications aren’t being represented, but I figured only the cool ones tweet.

And some of my Hawaii social media folks.

The next step is trying to figure out how to incorporate Twitter into destination marketing.  Any thoughts?  If you were to follow something related to Hawaii, what would you want to learn about?  Deals?  Places to visit?


One Response

  1. Well food is always a good thing to know about (but then that’s so me!). Friends and coworkers typically ask me for the basics, where to stay, which island(s) to visit, where to eat (usually looking for cheap and ono food), where to shop. I usually like to check local events for when I plan a trip back. Somtimes I’ll check Hana Hou or Go Hawaii.

    Take care,

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