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abdc season 2 – week 5

Another ABDC show focused on the Jackson family.  Last season, it was Michael Jackson (remember Kaba Modern’s version of “Thriller”?) and this week, the groups danced to Janet JacksonFanny Pack, Supreme Soul, and Boogie Bots were the top three…A.S.I.I.D., Super Cr3w, and SoReal Cru were in the bottom three.

So watching the show, I noticed two interesting observations:

  • The bottom two from last week were the top two this week.
  • The top two last week were the bottom two this week.

Boogie Bots was the only crew that remained consistent…being voted as one of the top crews these past two weeks.

Here’s how I rank the crews this week (I placed the songs they danced to in parentheses):

  1. SoReal Cru (“I Get Lonely” off her 1998 The Velvet Rope album) – Can’t believe that they made the bottom three…competition is getting tight!  Damn the girls on this crew are so hot.
  2. Fanny Pack (“All Nite (Don’t Stop)” off her 2004 Damita Jo album) – I love this song.  They did show some risk-kay moves…those girls were getting sexual.  Go Cara!
  3. Super Cr3w (“Black Cat” off her 1989 Rhythm Nation 1814 album) – That was a sick performance.  All I gotta say is that they deserved to stay.
  4. A.S.I.I.D. (“If” off her 1993 janet. album) – One of my favorite songs by Miss Janet.  It was a nice performance.  I’ll miss them and was really rooting for them to go all the way to top three.
  5. Boogie Bots (“Control” off her 1986 Control album) – Never really heard of this song before.  That last evolution move was cool.  Overall the performance was okay.  Mad props for incorporating some of Janet’s moves.
  6. Supreme Soul (“Nasty” off her 1986 Control album) – Hmm I didn’t get their performance.  Sometimes I don’t think the cameras do them justice.  Wish I was in the audience to actually watch them dance live.

By the way, anyone notice those great Vitamin Water product placements?  Haha.  At least, it’s a lot healthier than last year’s doughnut placements.


4 Responses

  1. kaba’s thriller…man that was hot!

    good review, though i think if fanny pak’s girls hadn’t kissed, i wouldn’t remember any of it. same with supreme soul…maybe they should’ve kissed.

    wow, i can’t believe you don’t know the song “control”…that song was huge!

  2. Yeah…the memorable parts were memorable for a reason.

    Don’t recall Control at all…I was only 3 when that song came out. Maybe I’ll blast some Janet from the 80s on my iTunes.

  3. did you ever see the movie “Friday”? do you remember when chris tucker was talking to nia long about her friend who looked like janet jackson…he even sang a little bit of the song at that point “control” and did a little cabbage patch dance move.

  4. I will just put my Top 10 most memorable performance of ABDC for both Season 1 and Season 2.

    1. Jabbawockeez – Lean wit’ It.
    2. Super Cr3w – Get up off that thang’
    3. Kabba Modern – Gun Shot
    4. Supreme Soul – Live Audition
    5. So Real Crew – Live Audition
    6. Fanny Pack – Missy Elliot
    7. Jabbawockeez – Chris Brown (Episode 2)
    8. Kabba Modern – Wierd Science
    9. Supreme Soul – Like a Rockstar
    10. The Movement – Live Audition
    11. Kabba Modern – Hip Hop History

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