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bourdain in saudi arabia

Since I’ve blogged about Bourdain in the past, some folks on behalf of Travel Channel sent me some preview clips of upcoming episodes so all my blog readers can get excited about the next episode.  Well, here’s a post with a preview on tonight’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

I’m actually a bit excited about this episode since:

  • It features another country in the Middle East…an area Bourdain seems to have avoided for awhile (for those Bourdain fans, you probably know why).
  • This episode will expose an area my old college roommate is from.  He actually was from Bahrain, an island country off the coast of Saudi Arabia.  It’s close enough.
  • Danya Alhamrani, a fan of Bourdain, will be tagging along with him.  I’m jealous…very jealous.  Wish I could’ve been that fan, but he already came to Hawaii.

In reading Bourdain’s blog on this episode, I do hope he chooses to visit the Philippines soon.  I’m curious to see how well Augusto Elefanio will represent the country.  I love Filipinos…I love Filipino culture, food, and its beautiful people. (I actually think I am one myself, but to everyone’s surprise, I’m full Chinese and speak Cantonese).

If Augusto doesn’t work out, maybe he can take Happy Slip with him…she did do her fifth episode on Philippines.


5 Responses

  1. Didn’t I see that Beirut episode with you?

  2. I think so. See how long ago it’s been…

  3. I don’t think he’s avoiding the middle east. after all, he’s going to Iraq this season as well.

    it’s weird that he hasn’t been to the Philippines yet. he’s been to almost all the Asian and SE Asian countries(some more than once) but never once to the Philippines. I think it’s because he hasn’t heard good things about it.

  4. Hey sole,

    The Iraq episode should be interesting, but I don’t see it on the TravelChannel website. When does it come on?

    As for the Philippines, what’s better than a plate of pancit and some balut on the side? Yum!

  5. I have 3 episodes TiVo’ed and still haven’t watched them yet. I’ll have to watch at least one tonight.

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