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abdc season 2 – week 6

It was the week of props and beats, but it was a week of surprises.  First up, what’s up with Mario’s green shirt?  He needs a better stylist…at least one that doesn’t make him look feminine.  At least, Lil Mama isn’t wearing a hat this week.  She’s looking good.

Second surprise wasn’t really a surprise.  Just the fact that the producers HAD to add in another sob story for the week.  Geez, when are they going to quit it?

Third surprise is that most of the top three crews looked shock to hear that they made it to next week.  Why do you look shock?  To SoReal Cru, Fanny Pak, and Boogie Bots – be proud that America voted for you to keep you in!

The final surprise of the week is who went home. Last week, A.S.I.I.D. went home (I was hoping that they would make it to the top four).  This week, it was between Super Cr3w and Supreme Soul…SS goes home.  What’s going on?  Are people not voting for them for a reason?  I have to admit that voting is getting harder.  I’m curious to find out which crew will go all the way.

Here’s how I rank the crews this week (it’s a shake up of how America really voted):

  1. Supreme Soul – They rocked tonight…one of their best performances.  They deserved to stay.  I have an affinity for Bay Area crews…so I’m extremely sad to see them go.  They should’ve used those tinikling moves from practice…haha.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  2. Super Cr3w – They did good.  Hella good.  Actually kept with their props throughout the entire dance.  It was a tough decision between Supreme Soul and them.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  3. Fanny Pak – Wow.  All over the place.  I still gotta keep them in the top for originality.  Their use of lacrosse sticks and jump ropes were cool. Overall, they looked really busy on stage.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  4. Boogie Bots – I like them even though Lil Mama dissed them at the end.  Boo on her.  Glad that they made it to the top four.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  5. SoReal Cru – Sorry to say but there was nothing memorable besides Ailyn’s sob story.  Their choreography seemed unoriginal this week.  They use some of the same moves from previous episodes.  Ho hum.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

Hmm, two crews from the West, one crew from the East, and one from the South.  Who will be the final two crews to battle it out?  Will the producers mess things up like last season?  Everyone…EVERYONE expected Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez to battle it out.

Next week: Missy Elliott challenge with Miss Elliott herself making an appearance.  Hope a crew dances to “Lose Control” (maybe Fanny Pack?).  Check out Blogging America’s Best Dance Crew for more videos.


5 Responses

  1. man, i totally forgot to mention the sob stories in my shortened post…good job. it’s getting a bit old isn’t it?

    i never really thought about SoReal Cru’s performance that way last night, but your right, not very memorable…they are very consistent overall though, which this season needs.

    great post this week…esp. the mario lopez comment…yeah, he’s kind of a tool. i liked him better on “pet star”

  2. I had to giggle about your “tinikling” comment. That would have given them the edge for sure!

    I’m about to boycott ABDC if Sup3r Crew gets voted off next. Ridiculous!

  3. Thanks for the kudos, Andyadontstop. Just trying to make my posts better and better.

    The sob stories really need to go…it’s not making me vote for one crew over the other. The Boogie Bots story actually affected me…hope his dad is doing okay.

    Mario on “Pet Star”? Hahaha. I dunno where he belongs…sometimes I wish Shane Sparks would host or another dancer.

  4. Hey SherE1,

    Yeah, filipinos represent! When I was going to school in Boston, there were filipino groups that put on performances each year. I loved seeing them incorporate hip hop with tinikling.

    I think of the four remaining crews..,it’s hard to figure out which crew I want to remain. One group of b-boys and two groups of semi b-boys and one group of funky dance. Hmm…

  5. I have no idea how fanny pak is still in the race since they don’t compare to the other groups at all. I keep hearing ‘originality’ but all of the groups seem to have that. I do understand what people mean about ‘all tricks and no dance’ when it comes to heavy duty b-dance, but serviously, I have not seen that at all from the bdance crews on this show..their choreo has been amazing and consistently given me chills!! fanny pak doesn’t even register a pulse..lol..anyhow, very frustrating especially since I can’t even vote from here in Canada..Supreme Soul & Supercrew ARE THE BEST!!!

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