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i hate abdc…for now

This is officially my last post for ABDC this season.  I’ll tell you why:

  1. This show is rigged…by the producers.  You saw it in the first season when Jabawockeez had to battle Kaba Modern to get into the finals.  The producers will never allow West Coast to battle another West Coast crew.
  2. Fanny Pak was robbed.  They deserved to be in the finals.  Between Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak, Fanny Pak was far more creative.
  3. The judges rely too much on tricks and not enough on dance itself.  Yes, the premise of the show is what MTV viewers like.  Street style/b-boys usually come out strong.  When are we going to recognize those other dance techniques.  Fanny Pak truly showed us how dance can really affect your emotions.
  4. Mario Lopez is overrated and JC Chasez needs to go.
  5. Everyone already knows who’s gonna win next week.  Shane Sparks loves Super Cr3w…you can hear it every week.
  6. SoReal Cru never made the bottow two yet they recycle their moves over and over.  How the heck do they get so many votes?

Okay, I should stop while I’m ahead.  What are your reasons for not tuning in next week?  I won’t go as far as saying that I’ll boycott this show.  Let’s see how the third season goes…I’m so addicted.

My Photo Ode to Fanny Pak


17 Responses

  1. Man, I totally feel your pain. I can’t believe Fannie Pak was sent home over Super Cr3w and So Real Cru.

    If the final battle was based only on routine, Fannie Pak would have made it in. At least they’ll be in the finale.

  2. To be honest I don’t think they would have won, but it definately was unfair they left. They were amazing! They were the only reason I watched ABDC… I was one of the few to like them from the beginning.

    Super Crew uses a choreographer by the way… That’s considered cheating…. =/

  3. pkmntrainer, super crew doesn’t use a choreographer…that “rumor” was a video on mtv’s blog and the “choreographer” was Little B, Ben’s son. it was a joke.

    however, mikeni, i understand your feelings, but i’ve started to believe that we all just need to take this show for what it is, which is a “controlled reality” series no different than The Hills. don’t get me wrong, i loved fanny pak, but i think they relied very heavily on props, which was no different than supercrew relying on “tricks”. I think SRC has a great fan base, but not enough to really be the top vote getter, just like Status Quo last season. Randy Jackson need’s to rename the show to “America’s Dance Crew most likely to make me the most money”.

    But we still watch, because we love dancing…and we love us some drama too!

  4. Thanks for all your comments. Andyadontstop – Haha, I can’t believe you compared the show to The Hills. That show is whack!

    Yes, I’ll still watch and will still enjoy the show. This is one of the only true reality shows based on talent and learned skill. I can actually experience a final product after everything’s done much like Project Runway and Top Chef.

  5. I totaly agree with you. Fanny pak danced the best on this show and they have proved to us that their is a wonderful variety of choices in the dance world. If you have the time check out my blog for my detailed recap of last nights episode.

  6. Fanny pak smashed it. End of story. They created a way when there was none, and really expanded what we believed this show to be.
    The fact they weren’t on top after their show stopping MIssy challenge is enough of a head scratcher.
    But then to be eliminated on possibly the best performance of the season, is just crazy.
    the questionable voting process, and the inconsistent judging ( and highly possible production intervention) have all been made all too clear.
    When both So real fans and super crew fans are saying that Fanny Pak deserves to be in the finals, you know something is wrong.

  7. To Answer ur last question. So Real Cru gets SO many votes every week Because THey aRe Filipino..
    Filipino’s have lots and lots of family. trust me I know cuz i am filipino. but im not for So Real cru its All about Super Cr3w!

  8. If you’re upsed just like me to see Fanny pak leave the competition, sign this petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring_back_Fanny_Pak/ …. It’s a first move so please sign and talk about this petition to all you’r friends.


  9. As an old school dancer, I agree with you that Fanny Pak should have been top 2 and maybe even take it all the way if not for the favoritism of the judges. I’m a bboy so I can see where Shane is coming from but FP just blows the other crews out of the water with creativity and originality. I think their props can match the tricks and stuff of the other crews but I guess voters just don’t see that.

    About SoReal… I’m a Filipino and from Houston but I can’t say I’d see them winning. They’re good but not that good against FP and SC. They are smooth and precise but to me, not enough to match up like Kabba Modern does. I don’t vote anymore since the first couple of weeks because it seemed like some of the crews going home shouldn’t have but some definitely needed to. I’ll watch tonight to watch the dancing and I’m guessing SC will win but will be majorly shocked if SR will get the crown… The only reason would be if SC messed up big time and that would be a good enough “excuse” for SR to win.

  10. First of all fannie pak is a joke…who cares about a bunch of ________ who cant dance for *!@$. Every one of them had no individual skill and as a group sucked even more. Not one of their routines stuck out from anybody elses, they did nothing difficult or hard the only reason they kept getting voted for for was because people wanted the underdog to win. It was a surprise they made it as far as they did but also sad that crews with real talent such as supreme soul,and boogie bots didn’t make it even though they were better. They didn’t get voted for because they weren’t the fan favorite like fannie pak and thats the bottom line.

  11. I hear you, Dan. Sorry, don’t tolerate profanity in my blog so I had to edit part of your comment. Yes, no one really stood out in Fanny Pak and their routines weren’t that difficult. On the other hand, they exposed a different side to dance…one that’s not all about tricks and backflips.

  12. To Sheila and boogirok – gotta love the Filipino pride!

  13. my bad sorry about that but not even talking bout tricks and backflips but like popping or locking or just something with krumping that would have shown they really should have been there. Or because of them having guys and girls should they have worked that together somehow.

  14. S2 was rigged..
    theres proof
    look up jabbawockeez episode 3 dance to lean wit it rock wit it..
    one of jabbawockeez guys flashes supercrew sign after performance

  15. That’s Chris. He’s part of Super Cr3w and also Jabbawockeez.

    He also threw up the S in the Live auditions episode after the Jabbawockeez performed.

  16. I personally didn’t care for FP right off the batt, but people tend not to like something that’s different. Lots of people are into the hiphop dance scene. The breakers, poppers, lockers, krumpers, etc. We tend to forget that even though most people (like majority of MTV viewers) are into that hiphop scene, it’s not the only scene when it comes to music and dancing. Not saying the show needs to convert to some Dancing with the Stars type stuff, but we all have to be open minded when it comes to different styles of dance. Just because FP’s style isn’t what you’re down with doesn’t mean they suck, because they don’t. They went far because they could dance and because they were different. They stood out from other crews and the judges, and apparently america felt they deserved to go as far as they did. People need to open their eyes & stop being so close minded, thinking the hiphop dance scene is the only scene out there. being an old school b-boy I loved watching super crew and any other crew that would throw the bboy style into their routines. That’s what I’m around, that’s what I love. But I’m not so close-minded to think bboying is the only hot style of dance out there. Just because FP didn’t come with that style doesn’t make them a bad crew. They’re an extremly talented and creative crew and I think people need to stop complaining about how they shouldn’t have made it as far as they did. – – – Here I am backing FP up and I personally think Distorted X should’ve beat FP on episode 1. lol

  17. omg u guys chillax! fannypak was creative and they were ok dancers. creativity is a part of dancing u cant deny it. also i tink that the first season was rigged cuz kaba moderns should’ve totally made it to the finals. but the second season couldn’t have been. cuz the judges hate sorealcru and ate fannypak up. if it was rigged fannypak or supreme soul should’ve made it into the final cuz duh you heard the judges saying that all season. ( the finale of the show sucked! but the episode where supreme soul and supercrew battled in the bottom two was hoooot!) a bunch of people voted for sorealcru cuz idk they were smooth safe philipino ( no offense to noboday here!) idk. i hope they rigg it next season tho cuz the voters are kinda stupid! o and i luvd distorted x even tho my boyfriend thot they were gay.

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