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do you like to hula?

No, I’m not talking about hula hooping on your WiiFit (I still need to get one).  I’m actually getting a bit sentimental here and talking about one of the things I take for granted when living in Hawaii.

I haven’t blogged about work for awhile, so I figured I post a new HVCB video of a hula halau dancing on Kauai’s coast.  If you visit GoHawaii.com/Explore, you’ll find a series of short videos that depicts the individuals and places that makes Hawaii so unique.

As you know, hula and its songs are inspired by the various point of interest and cultural folklore of each island.  In this case, the mele that the halau is dancing to tells the story of the beloved white waters of Waimea in west Kauai.

If you’re curious, here’s a translation of the mele’s (song’s) first verse:

ALOHA WAIMEA I KA WAI KEA   (Beloved is Waimea in the white water)
PA‘IHI I KA WAI ‘ULA ILIAHI   (Clearly seen is the red water with fiery surface)
UAHI UKA I KE AHE A KE KIU   (Spring uplands in the blowing of the Kiu wind)
I KE I KA ‘AUWAI A KA MENEHUNE   (Seen in water course of the Menehune)
NA KUPU‘EU ‘O KIKIAOLA   (The wondrous one in Kikiaola)
NANA I ‘ONIPA‘A POLI O LEHUA   (Observe the immoveable bosom of Lehua islet)


3 Responses

  1. Could you be so kind to tell me the translation of the whole song? I really would like to now the meaning of this dance. It’s a pitty that it is almost impossible to learn hula in Austria !!
    Thank’s a lot!

  2. I would love to have the whole translation. can you post it? mahalo, and much aloha.

  3. Please translate the whole song!

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