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Travel to Hawaii via Twitter

After seeing Nathan Kam’s recent post of Visitor Bureaus on Twitter, I thought I’d follow up with a listing of Hawaii’s travel-related Twitter accounts.  If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii or just want to be in the “know,” these folks can provide great links to deals for hotels, airfares, and restaurants as well as upcoming events and festivals to schedule in your list of things to do while in the islands.  It’ll be an ongoing list as we all know that more and more folks are joining Twitter each day.  Feel free to leave a comment with additional links that I should include.  Mahalo!

Updated April 9, 2009/4:20 p.m. HST (58 links to date)

Links for planning your Hawaii vacation (16 links)

  • All About Hawaii ~ Hawaii-focused travel agency based in Oregon
  • A Maui Blog ~ local blogger “talking story” about all things Maui
  • Apple Vacations ~ deals and offers for those looking for Hawaii travel packages
  • B on Hawaii ~ newsletter by Brian Berusch, one of the “go-to” guys for all things travel-trend related
  • Beat of Hawaii ~ travel blog with Hawaii deals, tips, events, and culture
  • Bruce and Yaling Fisher ~ owners of Hawaii Aloha Travel Agency
  • Erika Engle ~ The Buzz columnist for Honolulu Advertiser…always has juicy details to share
  • GoVisitHawaii ~ follow Sheila Beal’s blog for info and tips about visiting Hawaii
  • Hawaii Magazine ~ love Hawaii but don’t live here? here’s a magazine worth subscribing to
  • Honolulu Magazine ~ oldest magazine in the state…love their “Best of Honolulu” issue
  • Honolulu Weekly ~ Honolulu’s alternative newsweekly covering the local scene
  • Lahaina.com ~ one of many sites that offer travel information about Lahaina and the island of Maui
  • MetroMix 808 ~ a site dedicated to Hawaii’s nightlife and party scene
  • Pleasant Holidays ~ deals and offers for those looking for Hawaii travel packages
  • So Necessary ~ need advice for nightlife? follow this Star-Bulletin columnist for tips

Where to stay (9 links)

Where to go and what to see and do (13 links)

Where to eat and drink (13 links)

  • Big City Diner (Oahu) ~ five locations on Oahu with great selection for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner
  • Chef Mavro (Oahu) ~ James Beard award-winning chef George Mavrothalassitis; restaurant is rated AAA five diamond
  • J.J. Dolans (Downtown Honolulu, Oahu) ~ pau hana at this Irish pub that serves an interesting mix of pizzas
  • Kincaid’s (Ward Warehouse, Oahu) ~ reasonable place to bring the family for seafood and steaks
  • My Open Bar Honolulu (Oahu) ~ listing of places to go for free/cheap
  • Ola at Turtle Bay Resort (north Oahu) ~ home to chef Fred DeAngelo and my favorite risotto
  • Papa John’s Hawaii (Oahu) ~ need pizza delivery?
  • Pearl Ultralounge (Ala Moana Center, Oahu) ~ grab some drinks and dance the night away at this nightclub
  • Ryan’s Grill (Ward Center, Oahu) ~ local restaurant with great pau hana hour…li hing mui margarhitas
  • Thirtyninehotel (downtown Honolulu, Oahu) ~ serves double duty as a gallery and night spot for food and drinks
  • Tiki’s Grill & Bar (Waikiki, Oahu) ~ good food, great music, and nice place to catch the sunset in Waikiki
  • Top of Waikiki (Oahu) ~ Hawaii’s only revolving restaurant
  • Zippy’s Restaurants (Oahu and Maui) ~ great place for a plate lunch/local food; one of President Obama’s fave eateries

The folks working in Hawaii’s travel and tourism industry (8 links)

  • David Uchiyama ~ VP of Tourism Marketing, Hawaii Tourism Authority
  • Nathan Kam ~ VP, Travel & Tourism Division, McNeil Wilson Communications
  • Michael Ni ~ Account Executive, Travel & Tourism Division, McNeil Wilson Communications (**me**)
  • Nancy Daniels ~ Director of PR, Outrigger Enterprises Group
  • AT Marketing ~ Hawaii-based international marketing agency
  • Oahu Visitors Bureau
  • Rebecca Pang ~ Senior Account Executive, Travel Marketing and Promotions, Stryker Weiner & Yokota Public Relations, Inc.
  • Iron Dog PR ~ representing the Big Island Visitors Bureau

Other resources


The “shaka” arrives at the White House

It was one of the first things that President Barack Obama did during the inauguration parade today.

Local residents do it when they’re driving or hanging out with friends.  It’s the common gesture that’s known as the “shaka” sign.

Throughout the generations, various stories have been told to explain the origins of the shaka sign, with some dating back to the plantation days in Hawaii.  The meaning can differ from one local to another; however, it remains a gesture of thanks, understanding, and the aloha spirit of Hawaii.  I’m glad that the “shaka” traveled more than 3,000 miles and is now a presence at the White House.

How to “Shaka”

  • Extend the thumb and pinky finger.
  • Keep the three middle fingers (index, middle, and ring) curled.
  • Face the back of the hand towards the person that is being greeted.
  • Give a little shake with a smile.

do you like to hula?

No, I’m not talking about hula hooping on your WiiFit (I still need to get one).  I’m actually getting a bit sentimental here and talking about one of the things I take for granted when living in Hawaii.

I haven’t blogged about work for awhile, so I figured I post a new HVCB video of a hula halau dancing on Kauai’s coast.  If you visit GoHawaii.com/Explore, you’ll find a series of short videos that depicts the individuals and places that makes Hawaii so unique.

As you know, hula and its songs are inspired by the various point of interest and cultural folklore of each island.  In this case, the mele that the halau is dancing to tells the story of the beloved white waters of Waimea in west Kauai.

If you’re curious, here’s a translation of the mele’s (song’s) first verse:

ALOHA WAIMEA I KA WAI KEA   (Beloved is Waimea in the white water)
PA‘IHI I KA WAI ‘ULA ILIAHI   (Clearly seen is the red water with fiery surface)
UAHI UKA I KE AHE A KE KIU   (Spring uplands in the blowing of the Kiu wind)
I KE I KA ‘AUWAI A KA MENEHUNE   (Seen in water course of the Menehune)
NA KUPU‘EU ‘O KIKIAOLA   (The wondrous one in Kikiaola)
NANA I ‘ONIPA‘A POLI O LEHUA   (Observe the immoveable bosom of Lehua islet)

club monaco

Club Monaco opened its first store in Hawaii at the Ala Moana Center.  To celebrate, they partnered with Honolulu Academy of Arts and ARTafterDARK to featured a few local photographers around the store with an event called “See the World in Black and White”.   It was a great event with a lot of attendees checking out the clothes, the black and white photos, and each other.  Haha.  I must say there were a lot of good looking people in attendance

Here’s a short video I took on my FLIP camera and edited on iMovie.  Let me know what you think since I’m still tinkering with my camera and my editing skills.

By the way, the photos were being sold, starting at $175.  Beautiful shots but too rich for my blood.  The photos were almost as expensive as the clothes at Club Monaco.  As you saw on the video, I agree with my friend and probably wait until there’s a sale at the store.  Who pay more that $25 for a pair of boxers?

For those unfamiliar with ARTafterDARK, this group is dedicated to exploring the arts and presents an event the last Friday of each month at the Honolulu Academy of Arts from 6 to 9 p.m.  I’ve been to a couple events and it’s been a hit or miss since I mostly go for the food and entertainment.  Check out their upcoming event in July called “So Sari!”.  A play on Indian culture and Bollywood, guests will have a chance to be creative with flowers by helping to make a pukalam and dine on cuisine from E&O Trading Co.

twitter mania

I feel like I’ve been surrounded by Twitter folks in the past few days.  So many of my colleagues are joining the Twitter family and I’m getting excited.  It’s almost like a disease…it keeps spreading to reach out to more and more PR folks in Hawaii.

When you have time, follow me and some of these local PR folks that are already on my list:

For our favorite journalists in Hawaii (yes, you Jason G.), here are the ones that I’m following.  Notice any similarities with them?  Some publications aren’t being represented, but I figured only the cool ones tweet.

And some of my Hawaii social media folks.

The next step is trying to figure out how to incorporate Twitter into destination marketing.  Any thoughts?  If you were to follow something related to Hawaii, what would you want to learn about?  Deals?  Places to visit?

items of the week – july 13

My “items of the week” postings have been on hiatus for a while now.  I figured it’s a good time to bring it back.  Most of my previous “items of the week” have actually turned into regular postings for me (i.e. February 26, March 3)

  • Since the new season of No Reservations premiered last week, I figured I add this show back to my list.  The time spent with the producers in Hawaii have really provided me a better perspective on the show.  By the way, check out this Island Magazine article and read about Bourdain’s real thoughts on Hawaii.
  • Here are a couple YouTube celebrities that I came across while reading the Bakit Why blog.  Thought I’d share and see if you like them too.

Sharyn Maceren


  • Some of my favorite reality shows starts their new season this week.  Big Brother 10 starts tonight. Check out this season’s cast and I have already picked out my top six contestants.  Project Runway 5 premieres this Wednesday (countdown along with Bravo TV) and I can’t wait to see what kind of characters turn up this season.

Are there any other YouTube folks that I should subscribe to?  Who do you predict to win BB10 and PR5?

whoo hoo…i’m a winner

So I’ve been an avid Google Reader user to follow all the blogs that I check out every day.  It is highly recommended to try this Google tool since you’ll be able to see all the blog updates and new posts all in one window.  It makes everything so much more efficient.

Back to the point of this post, I was on my Google Reader and was surprised to see a new post by TravelingMamas.com that announced that I was randomly selected to receive one of their prizes for July.  How awesome is that?  These four travel writers/bloggers had visited Hawaii recently and I had assisted with their itinerary on behalf of HVCB.  I’ve been following their blog ever since and commented now and then.  I didn’t remember them announcing their “Boycott the Staycation” giveaways.  Anyways, I get a Gloria Gaynor CD…not my favorite so it’ll be a present for one of my friends.

Button 2

If you’re interested in winning, check out TravelingMamas.com and leave a comment or check out one of the other ways to be selected.