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do you like to hula?

No, I’m not talking about hula hooping on your WiiFit (I still need to get one).  I’m actually getting a bit sentimental here and talking about one of the things I take for granted when living in Hawaii.

I haven’t blogged about work for awhile, so I figured I post a new HVCB video of a hula halau dancing on Kauai’s coast.  If you visit GoHawaii.com/Explore, you’ll find a series of short videos that depicts the individuals and places that makes Hawaii so unique.

As you know, hula and its songs are inspired by the various point of interest and cultural folklore of each island.  In this case, the mele that the halau is dancing to tells the story of the beloved white waters of Waimea in west Kauai.

If you’re curious, here’s a translation of the mele’s (song’s) first verse:

ALOHA WAIMEA I KA WAI KEA   (Beloved is Waimea in the white water)
PA‘IHI I KA WAI ‘ULA ILIAHI   (Clearly seen is the red water with fiery surface)
UAHI UKA I KE AHE A KE KIU   (Spring uplands in the blowing of the Kiu wind)
I KE I KA ‘AUWAI A KA MENEHUNE   (Seen in water course of the Menehune)
NA KUPU‘EU ‘O KIKIAOLA   (The wondrous one in Kikiaola)
NANA I ‘ONIPA‘A POLI O LEHUA   (Observe the immoveable bosom of Lehua islet)


i hate abdc…for now

This is officially my last post for ABDC this season.  I’ll tell you why:

  1. This show is rigged…by the producers.  You saw it in the first season when Jabawockeez had to battle Kaba Modern to get into the finals.  The producers will never allow West Coast to battle another West Coast crew.
  2. Fanny Pak was robbed.  They deserved to be in the finals.  Between Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak, Fanny Pak was far more creative.
  3. The judges rely too much on tricks and not enough on dance itself.  Yes, the premise of the show is what MTV viewers like.  Street style/b-boys usually come out strong.  When are we going to recognize those other dance techniques.  Fanny Pak truly showed us how dance can really affect your emotions.
  4. Mario Lopez is overrated and JC Chasez needs to go.
  5. Everyone already knows who’s gonna win next week.  Shane Sparks loves Super Cr3w…you can hear it every week.
  6. SoReal Cru never made the bottow two yet they recycle their moves over and over.  How the heck do they get so many votes?

Okay, I should stop while I’m ahead.  What are your reasons for not tuning in next week?  I won’t go as far as saying that I’ll boycott this show.  Let’s see how the third season goes…I’m so addicted.

My Photo Ode to Fanny Pak

abdc season 2 – week 6

It was the week of props and beats, but it was a week of surprises.  First up, what’s up with Mario’s green shirt?  He needs a better stylist…at least one that doesn’t make him look feminine.  At least, Lil Mama isn’t wearing a hat this week.  She’s looking good.

Second surprise wasn’t really a surprise.  Just the fact that the producers HAD to add in another sob story for the week.  Geez, when are they going to quit it?

Third surprise is that most of the top three crews looked shock to hear that they made it to next week.  Why do you look shock?  To SoReal Cru, Fanny Pak, and Boogie Bots – be proud that America voted for you to keep you in!

The final surprise of the week is who went home. Last week, A.S.I.I.D. went home (I was hoping that they would make it to the top four).  This week, it was between Super Cr3w and Supreme Soul…SS goes home.  What’s going on?  Are people not voting for them for a reason?  I have to admit that voting is getting harder.  I’m curious to find out which crew will go all the way.

Here’s how I rank the crews this week (it’s a shake up of how America really voted):

  1. Supreme Soul – They rocked tonight…one of their best performances.  They deserved to stay.  I have an affinity for Bay Area crews…so I’m extremely sad to see them go.  They should’ve used those tinikling moves from practice…haha.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  2. Super Cr3w – They did good.  Hella good.  Actually kept with their props throughout the entire dance.  It was a tough decision between Supreme Soul and them.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  3. Fanny Pak – Wow.  All over the place.  I still gotta keep them in the top for originality.  Their use of lacrosse sticks and jump ropes were cool. Overall, they looked really busy on stage.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  4. Boogie Bots – I like them even though Lil Mama dissed them at the end.  Boo on her.  Glad that they made it to the top four.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

  5. SoReal Cru – Sorry to say but there was nothing memorable besides Ailyn’s sob story.  Their choreography seemed unoriginal this week.  They use some of the same moves from previous episodes.  Ho hum.

    Courtesy of MTV.com

    Courtesy of MTV.com

Hmm, two crews from the West, one crew from the East, and one from the South.  Who will be the final two crews to battle it out?  Will the producers mess things up like last season?  Everyone…EVERYONE expected Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez to battle it out.

Next week: Missy Elliott challenge with Miss Elliott herself making an appearance.  Hope a crew dances to “Lose Control” (maybe Fanny Pack?).  Check out Blogging America’s Best Dance Crew for more videos.

abdc season 2 – week 5

Another ABDC show focused on the Jackson family.  Last season, it was Michael Jackson (remember Kaba Modern’s version of “Thriller”?) and this week, the groups danced to Janet JacksonFanny Pack, Supreme Soul, and Boogie Bots were the top three…A.S.I.I.D., Super Cr3w, and SoReal Cru were in the bottom three.

So watching the show, I noticed two interesting observations:

  • The bottom two from last week were the top two this week.
  • The top two last week were the bottom two this week.

Boogie Bots was the only crew that remained consistent…being voted as one of the top crews these past two weeks.

Here’s how I rank the crews this week (I placed the songs they danced to in parentheses):

  1. SoReal Cru (“I Get Lonely” off her 1998 The Velvet Rope album) – Can’t believe that they made the bottom three…competition is getting tight!  Damn the girls on this crew are so hot.
  2. Fanny Pack (“All Nite (Don’t Stop)” off her 2004 Damita Jo album) – I love this song.  They did show some risk-kay moves…those girls were getting sexual.  Go Cara!
  3. Super Cr3w (“Black Cat” off her 1989 Rhythm Nation 1814 album) – That was a sick performance.  All I gotta say is that they deserved to stay.
  4. A.S.I.I.D. (“If” off her 1993 janet. album) – One of my favorite songs by Miss Janet.  It was a nice performance.  I’ll miss them and was really rooting for them to go all the way to top three.
  5. Boogie Bots (“Control” off her 1986 Control album) – Never really heard of this song before.  That last evolution move was cool.  Overall the performance was okay.  Mad props for incorporating some of Janet’s moves.
  6. Supreme Soul (“Nasty” off her 1986 Control album) – Hmm I didn’t get their performance.  Sometimes I don’t think the cameras do them justice.  Wish I was in the audience to actually watch them dance live.

By the way, anyone notice those great Vitamin Water product placements?  Haha.  At least, it’s a lot healthier than last year’s doughnut placements.

abdc season 2 – week 4

This week’s theme was speed up.  Speed up was definitely what the bottom three crews needed to do…speed up the rankings so they can remain in the top three.  As you saw, Supreme Soul, Fanny Pack, and Phresh Select were in bottom three…meaning Boogie Bots, Super Cr3w, SoReal Cru, and A.S.I.I.D. in top four.

By the way, what’s up with the sob stories?  I feel like I’m getting emotionally attached to some of these groups.  Interesting approach to connect with the viewers from the producers…not my favorite approach, but it works and I’m sure people will want vote to keep some of these crews in.

So here’s my rundown for this week’s episode and my ranking for each crew:

  1. Fanny Pack – I love their play on Mariah’s song.  Awesome performance and that transition was off the hook.  This was the most memorable routine to date.
  2. A.S.I.I.D. – Cool ballet moves…that’s hot.  It kinda reminded me of the movie “Center Stage”.  That’s the first time someone done ballet on ABDC. I actually appreciate that this crew is in this season.
  3. SoReal Cru – I like their slow and the fast sequences.
  4. Boogie Bots – I like their looks…had some missteps here and there.  Digging the stepped up tempo moves…nice hand intricacies.  They really played with the beats in the music.
  5. Super Cr3w – I like that sequence throught all the statues.  Pretty cool movements…a bit original.  Why did they choose leg movements for the fast tempo section?  It makes them look slow.  Guess Shane Sparks is rooting for them?
  6. Supreme Soul – They were okay but a bit cocky for my taste.  A thumbs up for that “down the line” sequence.  So what did those skulls signify at the end?  The end of Jabbawockeez?  Someone tell me the story behind Supreme Soul and Jabbawockeez.
  7. Phresh Select – Their routine didn’t persuade me that they were worth staying in the competition.  Plus I don’t like that fact that they only met up for this show…never really danced with each other before.  Sad to see them go though.

Who are your top three crews to date?

*UPDATE (07/12/08) – Found this blog post on LATimes.com.  Can’t wait to see next week’s episode and I hope Fanny Pack takes us back to Janet Jackson’s 80s era.

abdc season 2 – week 3

Alright.  I slacked off last week and didn’t get a chance to write about the last episode of ABDC seasons two.  I was actually in Oklahoma City for a work conference, so I didn’t really get a chance to watch the episode until it reran on Saturday.  By the way, look for my upcoming posts on Oklahoma City…it was pretty fun.

All I have to say is that no crews really stood out last week.  A.S.I.I.D. and Fanny Pack did well and were my top favorites.  I was bummed that Boogie Bots was in the bottom two and I’m glad they made it to this week’s episode.  It’s time for Xtreme Dance Force to go home.

Now on to this week’s show…let’s list the groups according to best to worst.

  1. SoReal Cru…were fun, did a good job, and deemed my favorite this week.  The snake movements were hot and I especially liked the hoodies moves.
  2. Fanny Pack…did a great job in the opening sequence.  I can’t believe that they danced to Britney Spears’ “Toy Soldier” and I’m starting to wonder if the producers are pairing them with more techno beat songs.  The end was aiight.  I still like them since their choreography is always tight and different.
  3. Supreme Soul…had a great routine and they danced big tonight.  They really utilized the dance floor this time around.  Damn, that peel off/ripple effect was awesome.
  4. Super Cr3w…had some good tricks.  Where was the choreography though?  The judges need to point out what this show is about…tricks or choreography?
  5. Phresh Select…were pretty creative.  I liked how they played around with the “Big Things Poppin'” theme.
  6. Boogie Bots…did okay.  They seemed to have fun with the “Game Over” theme.  I want to root for them but they haven’t really stepped it up to show what they’re all about.
  7. A.S.I.I.D.…didn’t really stand out to me this week.  Just something about them doesn’t really stick in my mind.
  8. Xtreme Dance Force..deserved to go home.  They got some skills but I still think they’re better off being a boy band.

I got a bit worried when Fanny Pack and Supreme Soul were in the bottom four.  Guess I should’ve voted last week.  Vote people vote!!!

So what do you folks think of this week’s episode?  Leave a comment.

jennifer hudson – spotlight

Happy that I finally found her video.  It’s my favorite song for now.

**UPDATE as of 7/5/08**  The YouTube link wasn’t embeding properly.  So click here to see the video.