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And it begins…

This will be my first crack at writing about one of my passions in life…yes, you guessed it…food.  Blame my family for bringing out this “monster” in me especially with all the “food porn” pics I inundate my Twitter stream with love to share online.

IMG_0305A little background story.  My family grew up in various parts of Asia and our home cooking included influences from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  All the great dishes from my family’s recipe book also gave way to a lot of unusual ingredients.  I owe it to my dad for building my courage to try bizarre eats like jellyfish (makes a delicious salad with julienne cucumbers and a savory peanut butter sauce), pig’s feet (delicious when braised),  and preserved eggs (also known as thousand-year-old eggs; goes great with pickled ginger).  I’ve learned never say “no” to new experiences – one trait that every foodie must have.

Tune in for more personal stories and adventures revolving around the theme: FOOD.  By the way, I’ll explain what this picture is all about in my next post…


Yum dom cha

Whenever my friends are craving dim sum, they usually bring me along for kicks.  Since I speak Cantonese (yes, I’m full Chinese), I just place our food order for them.  Beware though…because I might order those braised chicken feet.  Yum!

I found this rap by Jin a few years ago and always crack up when I listen to it.  I figured I put his music video on my blog to share with all my friends.  For those that speak Cantonese, you’ll know exactly what he’s saying.  If not, there’s a English translation on the YouTube link.  Yum dom cha…sic gor bao.  LOL.  I’m craving dim sum now.  Who wants to go?

Disclaimer: you won’t find any bikini-clad women at your local dim sum shop…Jin probably added them to be more hip hop. haha.

Current Favorite YouTube Artists

I just thought I give props to a few YouTube artists that I’ve subscribed to…awesome voices and most of them are filipino.  Rock on pinoys and pinays!

Gabe Bondoc

JR Aquino

Erin and Roxanne aka HipHopRox

Wish I could have their talent.  It all works out because I’m always around filipinos.  Haha!

it’s been awhile…

Who can take a guess which song starts with “it’s been awhile…”?  Okay, it has been awhile since I last posted on my blog.

One reason is probably everything that’s been going on at work and in life.  With arrivals to Hawaii decreasing, work has certainly gotten busier as we try to get more creative with our marketing.  It’s a good experience for me as I further my career in travel and tourism PR.  Social media has been the buzz lately and it’s been the major emphasis in my work day.  Those that know me can certainly see that I’m always on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Luckily, I’m taking a break from work in a couple days.  Whoo hoo!  My friends and I are flying to New York and traversing through Boston, Freeport (Maine), Montreal, and Niagara Falls.  It’ll be a road trip of course and I’m excited to be one of the drivers.  If you follow my blog, plesae check in two weeks from now and I’ll start to blog about my trip through photos and videos.  I’m super excited about this trip for a few reasons:

  • Eating lobster in Maine
  • Attending the Red Sox vs. Yankees game in Boston
  • Visiting Niagara Falls for the first time
  • Trying out my French in Montreal
  • Meeting up with some old friends in the New England area

rhianna’s “take a bow” – filipina style

Okay, this is for those filipinos/filipinas out there.  I’ve been caught many times making fun of my parent’s strong accent.  My friend takes it all here…she cracks me up all the time.  I just had to post this for laughs.  This is such a hilarious rendition of Rhianna’s “Take a Bow”.

twitter mania

I feel like I’ve been surrounded by Twitter folks in the past few days.  So many of my colleagues are joining the Twitter family and I’m getting excited.  It’s almost like a disease…it keeps spreading to reach out to more and more PR folks in Hawaii.

When you have time, follow me and some of these local PR folks that are already on my list:

For our favorite journalists in Hawaii (yes, you Jason G.), here are the ones that I’m following.  Notice any similarities with them?  Some publications aren’t being represented, but I figured only the cool ones tweet.

And some of my Hawaii social media folks.

The next step is trying to figure out how to incorporate Twitter into destination marketing.  Any thoughts?  If you were to follow something related to Hawaii, what would you want to learn about?  Deals?  Places to visit?

asians be reppin’ it

The stereotype goes that asians are usually good at math and science, study all the time, make a lot of money, we all know martial arts, we cook delicious cuisine, etc. Let it all be seen and heard that asians can do much more than that. We’re breaking stereotypes and proving that we’re more than just dim sum and fortune cookies.

Lately, it’s great to see so many asians on television and getting the nation hyped up about what they do. We can surely entertain as dancers and singers. Take Ramiele Malubay…she’s Filipino and one of the best singers in American Idol this season.

I’ve mentioned Kaba Modern before, but don’t over look Jabbawockeez…both groups got enough Asians (from Vietnamese to Korean to Chinese to Filipino) to show that we can move to the groove.

The list goes on. With the Beijing Summer Olympics, we’re sure to see a lot more talented Asians from around the world. I’m not one to be full of “asian pride”, but I’m actually proud to be Chinese right now.  If you’re ever bored, take All Look Same? exam…it’s pretty trippy and really tests how much you know your Asians.  My best score was 14.  The food exam is pretty good too.